Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Homeschool Skating Adventures

This past week I took advantage of Homeschool Skate at our local rollerskating arena.  It's once a month for two hours and they play Christian music.  The environment is so much more refreshing than all the nasty and inappropriate worldly music out there.

Kelly has been skating quite a few times so she was a little pro out there.  Lyssa and Bethany experienced roller skates for the very first time and it was priceless.

Here is Kelly braving the Hokey Pokey.  She's on in the left of the video. Totally didn't notice the little one that fell during the skating game.  Oops. =)

As soon as I slipped on the tiny little skates on Bethany (4.5) she tried standing up too quickly without guidance (my little go-getter) and feet slipped out from under her onto the carpeted area, thankfully. LOL! It was so much fun watching her try to figure out why her feet were rolling and why she couldn't walk normally. She was very determined.  Thankfully, they have a separate kiddie rink off to the side of the big rink where newbies can practice, etc.  She held onto the wall and kept trying to scoot.  She realized it was easier to learn on the carpeted floor.  She did very well for her first time.  So proud.

Little Bethany

Lyssa is my overachiever (like her momma) so she gave up very quickly after just 10 seconds with the skates on. As you can see in the pic above, she wasn't too happy, poor thing. Yes fall, fall, boom, boom, right on the bum. Oh dear the cries and moans and uncertainties were so frustrating to her.  With much coaching and cheering her on, she eventually moved along with wall hanging on for dear life, until she eventually ventured out on the kiddie rink getting her little groove on. After a few falls, she was smiling and excited to learn something new.  Pheww!

You can do it, Lyssa!

When our two hours were up, they said they looked forward to next month, yay! So homeschool skate is now a part of our homeschool life and I couldn't be happier with that.  It was fun skating to Toby Mac and Brit Nicole, etc. This mommy was so happy.  Yeah, I LOVE rollerskating, hehe!


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