Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Living it up with Legos


The girls and I got to experience LEGO® KidsFest this past weekend.  It was a blast.  It was better than I thought it would be, quite honestly.

I was never a really big fan of Legos growing up so I wasn't sure what this was going to be like.  Since all three girls love Legos, I figured they would at least really enjoy it.

Score!  There was so much to do and see within 4 hours and a half hours.  From Lego building and creation stations, to challenges, car ramps, reading spot, etc., kids were able to engage in so much without feeling overwhelmed.

In the beginning, Lyssa didn't sound too thrilled to go.  She said "I like Legos, but not enough to go to a place with a ton of Legos. It sounds like it is for boys."  Yeah, it took some convincing, but when it was over, she was beyond thrilled and hugged me tight. "Thank you so much mommy for taking me. I LOVED it!"

I think we will most definitely be making a trip back there next year.  I love when kids' minds are challenged with creativity.  We definitely made some awesome memories this past weekend.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Petri Dish of...Germs!

I am loving the Homeschool Connections classes the girls are taking.  It's so great to see them blossom in other areas outside of the home with other kids and teachers....and guess what?  Not in private or public school.  So blessed to homeschool and will hang onto it as long as I can.......

Anyways, just recently, Lyssa's "Science Experiments" Class at Homeschool Connections in Farmington Hills, was given an interesting experiment with petri dishes.  They were to walk around the building with a Q-Tip and gloves and swab wherever they thought germs were hiding.  So, Lyssa decided on the drinking fountain.....Ha! Yes, just wait....and the garbage can.  Smart girl to guess that's where germs hide.

Germs after a week in dark cold place.

The next part of the petri dish experiment was to have the dish sealed up tightly and store in a cold and dark place for one week.  Obviously, in these conditions germs thrive.  Lyssa decided to keep hers in her backpack for one full week.  Let me tell you, she was aching to pull that petri dish out every single day to see if any {GERMS} formed.

When the week was over with, she pulled it out and to our suprise....Nasty icky GERMS! Haha, not suprised, but I have to say, I definitely hate drinking fountains now.  I hardly use them and won't let my girls use them much.  Well, yeah....ummm they will never use one again based on the evidence I saw in the petri dish, of course combine with the garbage can germs, but you know.....

A few days later...They multiplied? EWWW!
I'm just glad those germs are sealed tightly in the petri dish. Bleh!  It sits here by me as I type this and I think it has eyes. It's just staring at me....EWWW!  I asked Lyssa what her teacher wants to do with it and I guess they can do whatever they wish.  So, yep! I'm tossing it in the garbage.... Goodbye Germs!!!!

My Three Blessings

My Three Blessings
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