Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awana Homeschool Kits

Just recently, I was given the awesome opportunity of reviewing a few homeschool kits by Awana.
The Sparks Homeschool Kit, Kindergarten contains a handbook music CD.  It offers sing-along tunes for the verses that are inside of the HangGlider handbook.

The HangGlider book also contains an audio CD so that your child can follow along with the book.  Because my youngest is just under the Kindergarten years, she will have time to grow with this which I am very excited about. 

The Kindergarten kit also includes a Beginnings handbook: Studies in Genesis-Joshua.

The Sparks Home School Kit, First Grade contains a handbook music CD.  This also offers sing-along tunes for verses that are inside of the WingRunner handbook.

The WingRunner book contains an audio CD so that your child can follow along with the book.  My Soon to be second grader absolutely loves it and is eager to read and follow along with WingRunner.  I am so proud of her reading skills as this definitely encourages a variety of areas.

The First Grade Kit also includesa Promise handbook: Studies in Judges-Malachi

The T&T Ultmiate Challenge Home School Kit, Fifth Grade contains a handbook with the T&T characters.  They are off on an adventure in Israel and their mission is to do a video for Awana that will help kids learn about Jesus Christ.  During their adventures they meet two boys that are not exactly nice.  Kids get to learn about archaeology in this handbook!

They travel the Sea of Galilee and discover parts of a code.  Kids are encouraged to crack this code as they go along in their handbook. There are lots of fun adventures throughout that are definitely a whole lot of fun for 5th graders.  My daughter loves being able to crack codes. 

The Fifth Grade Kit also includes a Witness handbook: Equipping to share the good news!  I love this!

All three homeschool kits are $39.99 each!  While making your order, you can choose which Bible version your child would prefer.

The homeschool kits come inside really cool green drawstring backpack with Awana's logo on them.  My girls love these.

A big thank you goes to Awana for providing my family with 3 kits for my girls to grow and learn about Jesus. We plan on continuing use of the kits throughout the summer. It has been an absolute blessing!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Homeschool Helper App

Just recently, I came across an awesome app that I had to share with you in case you haven't heard of it.  It's called Homeschool Helper.

Homeschool Helper is available at the App store, Nook Color, Android, and Amazon.  It is currently only $4.99 and worth every penny!  Why?

With Homeschool Helper, you basically get to:
  • Keep track of each student by age, grade, and year.
  • Keep track of attendance
  • Keep track of book lists
  • Keep track of field trips
  • Keep track of grades
  • Keep track of lesson plans
and MUCH more!  It's so nice to be able to just whip out the app and put in everything I need to keep track of everything.  I look forward to using it fully for our new homeschooling year.  The app allows you to save and back up everything then have it sent to your email so that you can print out all of your reports.  Super nifty!

There is even an instructional video to help get you started.  Everything is very easy to edit.  Another great thing about Homeschool Helper is that you get back up notifications to remind you that you didn't back up recent data.  Love it!

After purchasing this cool homeschool app, there are no subscriptions, memberships, or recurring costs!  It also includes all updates. Nice!

For Q&A's about Homeschool Helper, click here.

Have you ever heard of this app?  Would you consider using it for your homeschool?  Would love to hear from you.  I am totally excited about Homeschool Helper!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 Educational Websites for your Homeschool

Today marks the day that our homeschool may be going through a great transition.  I am honestly unsure where we are headed as far as learning in the fall.  I am weighing my options this next time around.  Will it be online schooling?  A completely different curriculum choice?  Again, I am so unsure right now, but one thing I am sure of is that there are great educational sites we can use in the mean time. 

 Here are 10 that I have compiled after much research for my girls:
  1. Ed Helper
  2. Discovery Education
  3. Internet Public Library
  4. School Express
  5. Study Stack
  6. Study Spanish
  7. Education Creations
  8. Lesson Plan Central
  9. How Stuff Works
  10. Kids.Gov
There is so much out there I have actually had to start a list.  All of these are thanks to

If you know of any sites that are great summer supplements, please post them below.  I am always looking for educational online resources.  Especially if they can be free.  Free is good.

Many Blessings!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Math Mammoth Grade 5 Light Blue Curriculum Review

 photo logo_zps1488a12d.jpg

 Is your child a fan of math?  My 10 year old has found it's not her most favorite of subjects, but we seem to be working through it.  As I am trying to figure out what math curriculum to use next year, I was introduced to Math Mammoth by Maria Miller. I received the awesome opportunity of reviewing the light blue series for grade 5.

I received files that were easily downloadable to my desktop.  Here is what is included in the grade 5 light blue series:
  • User Guide Math Mammoth Light Blue
  • More info from Math Mammoth
  • Bonus Soft-Pak
  • Cutouts
  • Tests
  • Student Worksheets
For those interested, Math Mammoth is aligned with Common Core Standards.

The student worksheets consist of 5-A and 5-B along with answer keys.  5-A covers:
  • The Four Operations
  • Large Numbers and the Calculator
  • Problem Solving
  • Decimals
5-B covers:
  • Graphing and Statistics
  • Fractions: Add and Subtract
  • Fractions: Multiply and Divide
  • Geometry 
 photo lighblue_zps2ba8ce5b.jpg 

 It's good to go through the sheets up to 4 times a week.  This is our goal for the summer as well to keep our brains sharp.

I like how cutouts are included with this curriculum series.  These are used for learning fractions.

There are also cumulative review chapters included in the series.  Chapters 1-8 and practice sheets.   You can also make extra worksheets.  This option takes you to a website where you can generate worksheets for your 5th grader to stay on top of their math skills.  Pretty cool!

When it's time to test your 5th grader on math skills they have learned, you can print them out.  All 8 chapter tests are included as well as an end-of-year test.

I think I may utilize Math Mammoth through the summer as well as a supplement through our homeschool year next year.  I really like it and Kelly seems to not mind it either, haha!  She really enjoys fractions!  All of the pages are easy to understand.  A child can figure it out on their own which is always a plus, but if they are struggling with an area, it's simple for the parent to instruct as well.

How much does this curriculum cost?
  • Full set for 5 is $34.
  • Full set for 5-A is $17.50
  • Full set for 5-B is $17.50
  • Supportive Materials are $8.95
They can be purchased through CD or printed form.  If you are unsure where your child is as far as age or grade, you can take a free placement test on the Math Mammoth website.  Very nice!
The great thing about Math Mammoth is you get to try sample pages for free to see if you are interested in using the products.  Awesome!

What math curriculum do you currently use?  Have you ever used Math Mammoth?

Feel free to read other reviews by the TOS Review Crew.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

June Girls

I am so beyond excited that we are in the month of June.  Summer is my all time favorite month and I'm am looking forward to many exciting things with my family this summer.

On top of vacations, beaches, etc., we will be continuing our summer homeschooling adventures as well.  I am taking a week off to plan and prepare as I am not sure of everything we will be doing.  I know that we will be sticking with math, reading, and writing for sure at least 3 times a week.

Science and history will be incorporated through museums, etc.  I also need to plan for the fall, don't even want to think about it right now, haha!  I will start working on that the middle/end of July as I would like to start earlier this year.  Middle of August.

Our sweet Lyssa was a finalist for our local parent magazine Metro Parent for the Cover Kids contest.  If she wins she gets to be on the cover and receive a college savings plan, etc.  This was unexpected for sure. She did a great job at the audition!  

We are still wrapping up our end of year events.  Kelly completed her GymFest for Gymnastics and did a fabulous job.  She received a medal etc.  So proud of her accomplishments.  We will be planning for summer.  Her coach would like her to start on pre-teams as they told me she is a "natural" and needs to move forward in other areas.  We are going to a parent meeting this Wednesday to discuss a new program her center is starting.  They want her to train 6 hours a week to start this summer.  I am not sure we are ready for such things.  Will be praying about that.  I know that daddy is most definitely not on board.  We are hoping they will be working with us on this.  We expect and understand more hours as she gets older etc., for competition, but she just started last September.  Yikes, pray for us lol!

Lyssa and Bethany will be having their ballet and tap recital this Saturday.  They did well at rehearsal.  Looking forward to that.  This year's theme is Broadway.

The final event of the year is their piano recitals which will take place the end of June.  My girls are blessed and doing well in this area as well.

Well, I think that is it for now. We have a lot of events to go through this month of June.  I will be so ready for a vacation when it's all over, haha!

What are your plans for the summer?

My Three Blessings

My Three Blessings
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