Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Encouragement for Christian parents

In continuing with my iPhone devotional: Parenting by Design through YouVersion, I came across another one that really has encouraged me as a parent and in my spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. It was such a blessing to me that I felt compelled to blog about it today. I pray this encourages you this day, don't be discouraged!

CALLED TO PARENTING: Parenting by Design (YouVersion)
"Sometimes we don't understand why God calls us to a certain task or ministry. Other people seem far more qualified to meet the challenge that faces us. And yet over and over again in the Bible God used the unlikely people to accomplish His goals. There is no greater calling from God than parenting. When you feel inadequate for the task, realize you are putting your trust in the wrong person! Strive to be an excellent parent, but recognize that God is not dependent on your knowledge or expertise to bring about His results. When you feel overwhelmed, surrender control and trust God. He will provide."

Exodus 4:10-12

And Moses said unto the Lord, O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither heretofore, nor since thou hast spoken unto they servant: but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue. And the Lord said unto him, who hath made man's mouth? Or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have not I the Lord? Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.

Thank you Lord for this parenting revelation. God is faithful to minister to those who are His in times of great need, especially when raising children as unto the Lord! I know that I want to be a Godly example to my little ones so that they may emulate the things of God and eventually display those things on their own choosing. Let us not forget that not only are they our children, they are ultimately "God's children." He created them and entrusted them to us to raise them how to win the lost for him and how to serve Him with their whole hearts. We should all desire this for our children as Christian parents. I believe homeschooling parents have a greater responsibility in this as we were called to this for a purpose. What do you want God to do for you and your family?

Blessed to be a wife and mom

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Cleaning for your Health

The past few months I have been learning about store bought cleaning products and how harmful the chemicals are to our bodies. I honestly cannot stand it when I have to cover my face and close a door just because the odors are so strong. Is there another way?

I just recently downloaded a really awesome book on my Kindle Fire for only $.99 called Frugal Living with Homemade Cleaning Products by Patti Graham. It has been a literal breath of fresh air for me and my family.

Here are just the basic ingredients you can use and right out of your pantry and refrigerator all the while saving money and staying healthy:
  • Good old Baking Soda
  • Distilled White Vinegar

And that's it for all purpose cleaning! How can something so simple have escaped me for so long? You can mix them together with water to disinfect your kitchen and bathroom, etc. Try pouring 3 cups of white distilled vinegar in your toilet for an hour and then scrub and flush. It really makes a difference and we feel so much healthier. Instead of scrubbing mildew spray on your bathroom tiles, use simple baking soda, water, and toothbrush and scrub away without holding your breath. It's so easy and effective and actually cleaner looking. I had my girls take an old toothbrush while they were in the shower and scrub away too while splashing it clean! They loved it and it's not harmful and no harsh fumes to inhale, you can't say that for store bought cleaning products!

Want a window and glass cleaning solution that won't leave streaks? Try rubbing alcohol and water and wipe the streaks away with crinkled newspaper, trust me, this works!

Furniture polish? Lemon juice does the trick with maybe a little water.

Looking for a natural room deodorizer? Find a small decorative bowl and put baking soda and white vinegar into it and place up high. Odors naturally draw to the baking soda all the while deodorizing, so awesome! Want a fun scented smell? Sprinkle cinnamon into the mixture.

I have been having so much fun learning about natural household cleaning products! We definitely do feel healthier for it. The great thing about these homemade products is that they do disinfect and kill germs. No more harsh cleaning chemicals in our household!

Blessed to be a wife and mom!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seeing Your Children

Just recently, I started an amazing (ministers to your spirit man or woman, haha), Bible devotional for parents. I found it through YouVersion on my iPhone and it has opened my eyes to so much. God is faithful. Here is a devotion from yesterday that really blessed me as I know it will bless you as a parent! God is so good and faithful, where would we be without him? Truly!
Parenting by Design Devotional
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 (Day 28)
Genesis 16: 13
"And she called the name of the Lord that spake unto her, Though God seest me: for she said, Have I also here looked after him that seeth me?"
"Seeing your Children"
"This passage tells of the trials of Hagar, the maid of Sarai. Sarai was unable to conceive so she sent Hagar to Abram, hoping Hagar would bear a child in her place. When Hagar became pregnant, however, animosity developed between the two women. Sarai's mistreatment caused Hagar to run away into the desert. There God intervened and encouraged her. She knew He truly understood her struggle, and as a result, she felt deeply known by God. She even named God: "You are the God who sees me." This gave her the stregnth to go back and fulfill her responsibilities to Sarai in the midst of tough circumstances. Like Hagar, our kids desperately long to be seen and known by their parents. How can we do this? By taking time to discover and celebrate their interests. By appreciating their unique qualities no matter how different they are from our own. By listening to their perspective on life. When we discover and value our kids' God-given uniqueness, they fell known and accepted."
This definitely should open our eyes as parents as we are shaping them to be Godly human beings in these dark days. We need to acknowledge every detail of their little lives. It's easy to go about our busy days and brush off even the minor details that will actually make a big impact on their life as an adult and throughout their spiritual life. Thank you Lord for this revelation!
Blessed to be a wife and mom!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Have you ever heard of Giver's Log and Ticket Kitchen?

Just today, I heard in passing about a couple of websites that I think you will also be interested in whether you are a homeschooling parent or not.

Givers Log

Givers Log is a fun site that gives you oodles of ideas whether you are on a budget or not. It already has gotten my creative juices flowing so-to-speak. For example, "Happy Mail"Well, I will let you click the link to give you an idea of what this is about. I can pretty much bet that you will be impressed with these simple ideas, so simple yet AWESOME it makes you think: "Now, why didn't I think of that?"

Looking for some unique printables? Well, these printables aren't your ordinary printables that you click "print" and simply just take off of your printer. Again, click here to see what I am talking about. It's one of those things where you have to see it to get an idea of what it's all about. Such a tease I know but hey, if you are just an inkling interested you will most likely check it out for yourself. Go ahead, I dare you, hee hee! ;)

Anyways, as a homeschooling mom who loves crafts like there's no tomorrow, this site will make you want to start your next project and without delay. I am sure the kids won't argue either. The website has everything from what I mentioned above to simple food ideas, lists and home organizing etc.

Ticket Kitchen?

I am pretty fascinated with this site already because well it involves....CHOCOLATE! My fave! The ideas they come up with chocolate is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to use the ideas. This site was founded by the same creator as Givers Log (AmberLee) right along side her Co-Founder: Andrea. To see what I am talking about.......(here she goes again, haha) click here to read their story and take a tour of what they have to offer.

Happy Homeschooling~

Blessed to be a wife and mom!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back on Track for the New Year

Hello all, I am finally back. Pheww, I never thought I would get back on here but for accountability to myself, I need this blog has a homeschooling mom.

Sweet Pea (8) is struggling with math. Remember those days? Ugh! I love A Beka Curriculums math program though. It introduces a new concept all the while reviewing everything prior. It's an accelerated concept but Sweet Pea seems to be holding her own. When we can, we just focus on whatever is the toughest for the time being. It will be worth it in the end I am sure. Other than that she seems to be thriving with the other subjects. So proud!

Cup Cake (5) is really coming along with her reading. She is at the 1st grade level so this is excellent news. She is also doing 1st grade math so this is an excellent sign for the coming year. We really need to focus on writing. She seems to be doing better so we will just keep our focus for the time being.

Jelly Bean (2.5) well, we are struggling in the potty training department. She thinks it's icky now and refuses to go but knows she is supposed to. Being consistent is key and I will just keep going that route.....I think I can....I think I can.....I think I can..... haha! She is pointing and counting, can sing the Spanish color song, and is just overall a busy bee.

I am currently searching and waiting for good deals on curriculum's next year. I will be resuming with A Beka, Love it! Cupcake will be doing 1st grade and Sweet Pea will be doing 4th grade. I am so excited! I am anticipating the rest of this homeschool year will really be a joy and we will look forward to a new beginning in the fall. I can't believe this fall will be going on our second year of homeschooling. Where did the time go? I do plan on doing summer school 2-3 days a week just to keep their minds sharp.

They are thoroughly enjoying their co-op classes at Palaestra. Sweet Pea will be continuing with Fashion Design and Cup Cake will be taking a class called "Lollipop Logic" another math and language arts supplement that I think she will greatly benefit from. I anticipate that Jelly Bean will be starting preschool this fall so it will be interesting tagging on another curriculum into the mix. Lord help me but I am at peace and just need a daily dose of joy and strength and of course.....FAITH!

Well, I need to make sure the girls are finishing up their chores. It was the only way I could get on here and quickly. It's now time for piano lessons! Preparing for our spring recital.

Blessed to be a wife and mom!

My photo image feature is currently having problems. Sorry that I don't have a pic to share =(

My Three Blessings

My Three Blessings
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