Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our Modeling Experience with Winter Gear

The girls have had quite an adventure the past few weeks in the wonderful world of modeling....well with winter gear anyways.

Our neighbor is a photographer for a sports gear company and was in need of live children models for their children line.  Their faces are not visible in the photos, just the jackets, pants, etc. that they were modeling.  They actually enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. 

In the beginning of the modeling adventure, we received a full tour of the warehouse:

Skiis and Snowboards Everywhere!

Mr. Ron showing the girls the merchandise in the warehouse and how they are distributed.
A snowboarder and a skier's dream!

After the tour, it was time to start gearing up for the photos.  The girls had a blast and thought it was fun balancing on the pedestal.

All ready to roll!

The famous camera. ;)

Kelly ready to model!

Photos are being snapped!
Lyssa's turn!
And Bethany, getting ready to pose.

What it will appear like on the online catalog.
Love this look!
Pedestal can see our neighbor's dog wanted in on the action...
Yes, that sweet Husky is our neighbor's.  They get to bring her to work, isn't that nice?  After a while she wanted the girls attention so much she kept getting into the shots and had to be locked up. Haha!

The pedestal was constantly rotating upon each snap shot.  Pretty cool how all of this works and the details that are required to pull it all off.

You can see some of their shots live here....

In return for the girls experience, they get to pick winter gear in return for free (coats, hats, etc.) we get to do our shopping tomorrow.  Can't wait!


  1. Very cool. One thing though. I couldn't see the live shots. The link doesn't work. Can you fix it?


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