Monday, October 29, 2012

Unit Studies, Lapbooks, and Libraries, Oh My!

In my last post I know I was in the valley of homeschooling.  I said that I was on the verge of giving up and just felt completely lost at what to do.  I realized the problem was me.  The Lord has given me a revelation that I most definitely needed.

As a former teacher, I have been stuck in my ways with solid routines and lesson plans.  Boy, as a homeschooling family, this has been a tough thing to break.  Okay, I am one tough nut to crack when it comes to this stuff.  I am one to be super organized and have a plan set in place, and if it's broken, I go crazy.  So, you kind of can see what has happened to me with three girls at different stages of development.  Things weren't going the way I had "planned."  I guess you can say the whole thing kind of blew up in my face.  Hec, if I want my girls to have this, I should just send them to school right?  I mean, a part of homeschooling is having flexibility and learning how to roll with the punches.  Don't get me wrong, having some sort of routine and plans are good to have to keep your kids accountable, this is very important, but being willing to allow flexibility, well that is key!

I have researched hi and low and received endless encouragement from fellow homeschoolers and here is what I found will work for us: Unit Studies, Lapbooks, and frequent visits to the library! Oh yeah!  I am all for that!  This has been working awesome.  I will now just be using A Beka as a supplement two days a week.  Here is what I came up with for our new schedule:

Unit Study Mondays
A Beka Tuesdays
Homeschool Connections Wednesdays
Library and Lapbook Thursdays
A Beka Fridays

Next year, we will  be switching over to Heart of Dakota.  This was another revelation the Lord gave me thanks to a homeschooling acquaintance.  God is so good! My brain is clear and I see my girls starting to shine and be happy again.  Behavior issues can stem from curriculum not working.  Well, this I have discovered.  I am willing to make this work and not give up on my girls! I know there will be days where there will still be challenges, but I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

We are thrilled at the variety of Unit Studies and Lapbooks available!  The girls are excited about weekly visits to the library again.  Joy is returning! Praise the Lord!


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My Three Blessings
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