Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awana Homeschool Kits

Just recently, I was given the awesome opportunity of reviewing a few homeschool kits by Awana.
The Sparks Homeschool Kit, Kindergarten contains a handbook music CD.  It offers sing-along tunes for the verses that are inside of the HangGlider handbook.

The HangGlider book also contains an audio CD so that your child can follow along with the book.  Because my youngest is just under the Kindergarten years, she will have time to grow with this which I am very excited about. 

The Kindergarten kit also includes a Beginnings handbook: Studies in Genesis-Joshua.

The Sparks Home School Kit, First Grade contains a handbook music CD.  This also offers sing-along tunes for verses that are inside of the WingRunner handbook.

The WingRunner book contains an audio CD so that your child can follow along with the book.  My Soon to be second grader absolutely loves it and is eager to read and follow along with WingRunner.  I am so proud of her reading skills as this definitely encourages a variety of areas.

The First Grade Kit also includesa Promise handbook: Studies in Judges-Malachi

The T&T Ultmiate Challenge Home School Kit, Fifth Grade contains a handbook with the T&T characters.  They are off on an adventure in Israel and their mission is to do a video for Awana that will help kids learn about Jesus Christ.  During their adventures they meet two boys that are not exactly nice.  Kids get to learn about archaeology in this handbook!

They travel the Sea of Galilee and discover parts of a code.  Kids are encouraged to crack this code as they go along in their handbook. There are lots of fun adventures throughout that are definitely a whole lot of fun for 5th graders.  My daughter loves being able to crack codes. 

The Fifth Grade Kit also includes a Witness handbook: Equipping to share the good news!  I love this!

All three homeschool kits are $39.99 each!  While making your order, you can choose which Bible version your child would prefer.

The homeschool kits come inside really cool green drawstring backpack with Awana's logo on them.  My girls love these.

A big thank you goes to Awana for providing my family with 3 kits for my girls to grow and learn about Jesus. We plan on continuing use of the kits throughout the summer. It has been an absolute blessing!


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