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Math Mammoth Grade 5 Light Blue Curriculum Review

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 Is your child a fan of math?  My 10 year old has found it's not her most favorite of subjects, but we seem to be working through it.  As I am trying to figure out what math curriculum to use next year, I was introduced to Math Mammoth by Maria Miller. I received the awesome opportunity of reviewing the light blue series for grade 5.

I received files that were easily downloadable to my desktop.  Here is what is included in the grade 5 light blue series:
  • User Guide Math Mammoth Light Blue
  • More info from Math Mammoth
  • Bonus Soft-Pak
  • Cutouts
  • Tests
  • Student Worksheets
For those interested, Math Mammoth is aligned with Common Core Standards.

The student worksheets consist of 5-A and 5-B along with answer keys.  5-A covers:
  • The Four Operations
  • Large Numbers and the Calculator
  • Problem Solving
  • Decimals
5-B covers:
  • Graphing and Statistics
  • Fractions: Add and Subtract
  • Fractions: Multiply and Divide
  • Geometry 
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 It's good to go through the sheets up to 4 times a week.  This is our goal for the summer as well to keep our brains sharp.

I like how cutouts are included with this curriculum series.  These are used for learning fractions.

There are also cumulative review chapters included in the series.  Chapters 1-8 and practice sheets.   You can also make extra worksheets.  This option takes you to a website where you can generate worksheets for your 5th grader to stay on top of their math skills.  Pretty cool!

When it's time to test your 5th grader on math skills they have learned, you can print them out.  All 8 chapter tests are included as well as an end-of-year test.

I think I may utilize Math Mammoth through the summer as well as a supplement through our homeschool year next year.  I really like it and Kelly seems to not mind it either, haha!  She really enjoys fractions!  All of the pages are easy to understand.  A child can figure it out on their own which is always a plus, but if they are struggling with an area, it's simple for the parent to instruct as well.

How much does this curriculum cost?
  • Full set for 5 is $34.
  • Full set for 5-A is $17.50
  • Full set for 5-B is $17.50
  • Supportive Materials are $8.95
They can be purchased through CD or printed form.  If you are unsure where your child is as far as age or grade, you can take a free placement test on the Math Mammoth website.  Very nice!
The great thing about Math Mammoth is you get to try sample pages for free to see if you are interested in using the products.  Awesome!

What math curriculum do you currently use?  Have you ever used Math Mammoth?

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