Thursday, September 26, 2013

Agent E is Ready for Her Mission!

Our sweet Kelly girl went to her very first audition for an acting role in our upcoming children's church Christmas program: We Three Spies!

It's an exciting Christmas mission.  Agents E, L, and F are "recruits with the CIK (Christian Intelligence Kids)", they are a group of spies who {Secretly} bring Christmas cheer to those who need it.  Their obstacle? Ms. Harriet (sounds like Har-et) King, is a mean, cold-hearted landlord wants to evict them from their headquarters, take away donations, and cancel the Christmas program (Nativity).  The spies' mission is to change her tune and her heart!

Kelly auditioned this past Sunday, September 22nd.  I received an email with the cast list on it just today.  Kelly really wanted to be one of the spies, Agent E in particular.  Well, her little dream came true!  She got the part of Agent E!  Go Kelly! We are so proud of her determination.  Now the real fun begins.  Learning her lines! 

There is also awesome music for the children's choir.  Lyssa will be in that with her pretty little voice. This is also very special to them because it's their first time participating in children's church programs.  Ron's brother is the children's pastor at the new church we are attending which makes it even more {Special} for the girls. We were originally a part of a precious home church (which my parents' ran) doing other work that God had called us to do. It was a beautiful blessing, but now God has other plans for our kids and our entire family.

I'm looking forward to when our little Bethany will be old enough to participate as well.  So much fun!

Can't wait to see this Christmas program! It's going to be awesome!


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