Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goodbye Uncle Dwayne, See You Soon!

Kelly and Lyssa with Uncle Dwayne a few months ago. 
He was always fun and silly and a very talented musician.

Tuesday morning, December 4th, 2012, my dear uncle Dwayne passed away in his sleep.  He was a fighter and that is something I/we will never forget.

During the past couple of years, I really got the chance to get closer to him.  The girls really enjoyed his company as well.  Their memories of him will always be when he would drop by during homeschooling at my mom and dad's house and bring "after lunch" treats.  Kelly always prayed for his health and developed a pretty neat relationship with him.  It was very precious.

Uncle Dwayne was my mom's younger brother.  We will most definitely miss him.  This has been a very solemn experience and a definite emotional rollercoaster for all of us.  We didn't want him to suffer as he had multiple heart attacks, strokes, etc. and a history of other problems, but we believe Jesus saved him and that he's dancing free with my grandparents and our sweet Brandon Michael.  God is so faithful.

"We look forward to the day where we will see your face again. We love you Uncle Dwayne and will never forget you." Lindsey, Ron, Kelly, Lyssa, and Bethany


  1. So thankful you get to say "See you soon" truly helps the difficult process :( Prayers your way!


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