Monday, December 17, 2012

In Loving Memory of Sandy Hook Elementary Students and Faculty

My heart just aches.  All I can seem to think about is this shooting.  I have been praying for these families without ceasing.  Fear has struck our country.  It is time for America to get on their knees before God and really pray.  Christians, it's time to spread God's Word, He's coming very soon.

I recently shared with my 9 and a half year old about this devastation.  I felt she had a right to know and learn about America's reality.  Kids her age and younger witnessed this horror and it could have been anywhere.  She immediately broke into tears and prayed for these families, (faith of a child).

Heaven welcomed more beautiful children this past weekend.  Heaven indeed is filling up fast.  These words stuck out in my head yesterday as we had a memorial for my Uncle Dwayne.  We included the shooting victims in the memorial as my mom stated: "Heaven is filling up fast."

I cannot even begin to express how blessed and how humbled I feel at the fact we homeschool our girls.  I can see why God called me to do this now being in our second year.  Any worries, heartaches, and struggles that I had with it in the past are now gone!  So what if we have hard days! So what if it doesn't feel like they are learning anything!  At least we are able to hold our babies right now.  God sees the bigger picture though.  I have learned so much from this, some I won't even express here on my homeschool blog. 

I asked the Lord, "If you are a God that sees and knows everything, why did you allow this to happen, why didn't you stop it?"  His answer was simply this, and through a shared Facebook photo I might add: "I am not allowed in Public Schools."  Boy, was this a revelation.  How true is that.  God swept those precious children to heaven and they are now truly safe.  I can't even imagine losing a child in such a tragedy such as this.  Losing a precious baby full term was painful enough and life was hard living.  These families, I can't image... (tears streaming, can barely type) losing a child because someone shot them.  I know these parents had to identify their children through photos.  I am so grateful they didn't have to see them in person as multiple close range gun shots were documented.  I also can't imagine all of those who had to arrive on the seen to see this blood bath.  How can your mind not be traumatized from something like this? Ugh, I know they went home holding their families.

Lord protect us, let us not live in fear, but trust you.  Our future is so uncertain, but for Christians, we have eternal hope, thank you Jesus.  We need to be bold and teach others about Jesus Christ.  How will they know unless we tell them?


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