Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Baking Fun

Christmas is just around the corner.  Who is ready?  Thankfully, I only have one person left to complete.  Every year along with primary gifts, the girls and I make homemade gifts, cards, and home baked goodies.  Our baking fun continues this Saturday, can't wait!

So far, to lighten the load,we have made gingerbread cookies and 7 layer cookie bars.  This Saturday, we will be making traditional Christmas cookies.  I have every Christmas cookie cutter cut-out known to man.  Okay, this may be an exaggeration, but we do have a nice variety.  We go crazy with our cookies.  We use a variety of big, medium, and small cookie cutters and decorate them to the max.  In the end, they are so pretty, who wants to eat them? Haha!

Along with Christmas cookies, we are attempting holiday brownie/cake pops.  I have never made these before, so this should be very interesting, yet a lot of fun.  Can't wait!

I am between two more Christmas goodies, homemade fudge and rice crispy treats.  I guess it depends on how well our other two recipes turn out.

Baking is such a fun activity for kids.  It's great too, because it sneaks in a little bit of science and math.  Gotta love that as homeschoolers.  Hmmm, now just to add a yummy cup of hot chocolate to the mix, and I think we've got it all covered!


What Christmas goodies have you made or will be making this year with your kids?  Please share your ideas, I love trying new things!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Images by Lindsey Clair


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