Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Ole' Michigan History

I am sitting here trying to get my hands warm and we have the heat on, what does that tell you?  Haha!  I am not a winter person at all and prefer the hot summer heat.  It must be a little Hispanic blood in me thanks to my grandmother who is now dancing in heaven with our Savior.

The past couple of weeks we have been learning about our wonderful state of Michigan.  I'm talking about rich Michigan History.  Since we have been taking many trips up state, the girls really get to see the beauty outside of the city.  Our biggest goal is to travel the UP as there is so much up there that I would love for them to learn.

I have been checking out DVD's at the library: Michigan's Great Lakes!  They come in a series breaking down the great lakes with added history.  They love it as they recognize some of the places we have been.  I have been able to find a variety of Michigan books from preschool on up.  Learning about our state seal, flag, bird, and flower is the basics we covered on our first week.

Kelly and Lyssa are currently working on a Michigan scrapbook.  We hope to include all of the places with pictures and information.  I think this is a fun way to learn about our state.  Another project they are working on is putting together a giant map of Michigan out of magazine pictures,etc.  I have a giant Styrofoam board they are using to get this done.  When it's finished I will post pics!  We are going to post a pic of our project on Pure Michigan's Facebook page.  The girls are pretty excited about that.

I am still brainstorming other fun ideas to incorporate into our state learning.  What are some fun ideas you have done with your homeschool?  I am open to new and unique ideas. 

Many blessings!

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