Wednesday, March 19, 2014

K5 Learning Online Reading and Math Enrichment {Review}

I received free access to K5 Learning Reading and Math in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Online Reading & Math Program for K-5

Are you looking for ways to enhance your homeschool's reading and math skills, especially if they are in K-5th grade?  K5 Learning Reading and Math Enrichment was created to help your child become more successful in these areas.

Believe it or not, K5 Learning was founded by parents to better their children's learning experiences.  It's pretty easy to get started.  Parents sign up for an account and receive their own login.  It's then you can add a child and create their own login for the independent learning experience.

In the beginning, I requested the free Math and Reading Assessments to see the status of Kelly and Lyssa's skills in those areas.  They were pretty simple to navigate as they were taken all online.  I was skeptical of this in the beginning, but it seemed to work to their advantage.

Both girls tested at or above skill levels in math and reading which was very encouraging to me as a homeschooling parent.  It shows their strengths and weaknesses in a printable report which was also very beneficial.  Lyssa ended up scoring two grades above her grade level in reading.  I was quite shocked with that outcome, but again very pleased.  I am very happy with the results of these assessments which are tucked neatly in their homeschool portfolios.

They also offer online math and reading lessons.  When you log into your parent dashboard, you can assign your child their lessons so that when they login, it is there for them to complete.  Very nice!  You also get to review reports on how well your child is doing or what they need improvement on.

There is a worksheet center to reinforce what they are learning online.  This is also very helpful.  If you feel you need to change your child's level, whether up or down, K5 Learning makes it very easy to request a change in level, and they will set that up for you and your child.

When you sign up, you receive a free 14 day trial to see what you think. No credit card needed and no obligation!  After that there are two payment options.   Here is the pricing options for K5 Learning:

Monthly Subscription:
  • $25 First Child
  • Additional Children $15
Annual Subscription:
  • First Child $199
  • Additional Children $129
They also have a really neat referral program if you have a blog or website to help promote the program. Every time someone signs up through your affiliate link, you can earn $25.  Very nice incentive!

I highly recommend K5 Learning for any homeschooling family looking to enhance their child's reading and math skills or even use as a supplement.  K5 Reading and Math is on my list as a possibility for the next school year.

I want to personally thank everyone over at K5 Learning for allowing me the opportunity to review the program with my homeschool.  I was able to identify my 5th and 2nd graders abilities in specific areas of math and reading.


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