Monday, December 12, 2011

A baking we will go!

This morning we packed up the sprinkles and cookie tins and headed over to grandma's; A.K.A Mema. The girls were very excited to do some Christmas baking as part of their learning today. Can you say fun? Ha, ha!

The baking fun started with some yummy cinnamon-nut mixture crescent rolls. I have heard of all kinds of yummy recipes you can do with Pillsbury crescent rolls but this was by far the yummiest I have tasted in the "sweet" department. A yummy cinnamon roll type glaze topped off this yummy treat. The girls enjoyed a warm one right out of the oven. After sticky hands and faces it was time to wash up and start the "Seven Layer Cookies." My husband loves these so we of course had to make them.

Kelly (8) and Lyssa (5) enjoyed breaking up the first layer of the seven layer cookie...Graham Crackers! Then came the butter, coconut, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, condensed milk, then walnuts! They turned out fabulous!

After the seven layer cookies were out of the oven we started the classic Christmas cookie decorating. There were stars, stockings, bells, and Christmas trees. First, the yummy frosting then the sprinkles. We stuck with a simple themed trio of colors: Red, Green, and White! There were sprinkles everywhere! It was so much fun =)

We look forward to some more baking! This most definitely wasn't the end of our adventure. We are heading over to the other grandma's tomorrow A.K.A Geegum to make a Gingerbread Village! Should be a fun mess =)

Share your baking goodies, would love to swap recipes! Happy Baking =)

Blessed to be a mom

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  1. Looks like a fun day! We haven't done any cookie baking yet - just haven't had the energy yet to try some gluten free recipes. Need to get started soon. I have made one batch of sugar cookies that turned out well and I know mine would love to decorate. Thanks for sharing your fun day!



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