Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gingerbread, Gingerbread, and more Gingerbread, OH MY!

Oh gingerbread, oh gingerbread, so fun yet oh so stubborn. If you sing that to the tune of "O Christmas Tree" then you have that just about right, haha. This year we chose to do a Gingerbread Village, a cute little kit from Target. The past few years we have done a single large gingerbread house and a train. This year I thought it would be fun to do a little village. Talk about, WOW! That frosting was so stubborn with the gingerbread the houses kept caving in. UGH! haha. Eventually, it worked out and the results were very cute.
The girls still had a blast. Their Geegum (my mom, isn't that the cutest title for a grandma?) Kelly (8) came up with that when she was old enough to talk and it has stuck ever since, love it! Anyways, Geegum joined in on the fun, we all had a blast.
This project was an excellent fine motor exercise not only for my 5 year old but for my 8 year old as well. It definitely taught her patience and perseverance. We will continue with our Christmas fun until the end of next week. I can't believe we can now count down to Christmas on our fingers! Where does the time go?
Have you ever done a gingerbread house or village with your children? Was it successful?
Merry Christmas!
Blessed to be a mom


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My Three Blessings
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