Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back on Track for the New Year

Hello all, I am finally back. Pheww, I never thought I would get back on here but for accountability to myself, I need this blog has a homeschooling mom.

Sweet Pea (8) is struggling with math. Remember those days? Ugh! I love A Beka Curriculums math program though. It introduces a new concept all the while reviewing everything prior. It's an accelerated concept but Sweet Pea seems to be holding her own. When we can, we just focus on whatever is the toughest for the time being. It will be worth it in the end I am sure. Other than that she seems to be thriving with the other subjects. So proud!

Cup Cake (5) is really coming along with her reading. She is at the 1st grade level so this is excellent news. She is also doing 1st grade math so this is an excellent sign for the coming year. We really need to focus on writing. She seems to be doing better so we will just keep our focus for the time being.

Jelly Bean (2.5) well, we are struggling in the potty training department. She thinks it's icky now and refuses to go but knows she is supposed to. Being consistent is key and I will just keep going that route.....I think I can....I think I can.....I think I can..... haha! She is pointing and counting, can sing the Spanish color song, and is just overall a busy bee.

I am currently searching and waiting for good deals on curriculum's next year. I will be resuming with A Beka, Love it! Cupcake will be doing 1st grade and Sweet Pea will be doing 4th grade. I am so excited! I am anticipating the rest of this homeschool year will really be a joy and we will look forward to a new beginning in the fall. I can't believe this fall will be going on our second year of homeschooling. Where did the time go? I do plan on doing summer school 2-3 days a week just to keep their minds sharp.

They are thoroughly enjoying their co-op classes at Palaestra. Sweet Pea will be continuing with Fashion Design and Cup Cake will be taking a class called "Lollipop Logic" another math and language arts supplement that I think she will greatly benefit from. I anticipate that Jelly Bean will be starting preschool this fall so it will be interesting tagging on another curriculum into the mix. Lord help me but I am at peace and just need a daily dose of joy and strength and of course.....FAITH!

Well, I need to make sure the girls are finishing up their chores. It was the only way I could get on here and quickly. It's now time for piano lessons! Preparing for our spring recital.

Blessed to be a wife and mom!

My photo image feature is currently having problems. Sorry that I don't have a pic to share =(


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My Three Blessings
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