Friday, January 27, 2012

Cleaning for your Health

The past few months I have been learning about store bought cleaning products and how harmful the chemicals are to our bodies. I honestly cannot stand it when I have to cover my face and close a door just because the odors are so strong. Is there another way?

I just recently downloaded a really awesome book on my Kindle Fire for only $.99 called Frugal Living with Homemade Cleaning Products by Patti Graham. It has been a literal breath of fresh air for me and my family.

Here are just the basic ingredients you can use and right out of your pantry and refrigerator all the while saving money and staying healthy:
  • Good old Baking Soda
  • Distilled White Vinegar

And that's it for all purpose cleaning! How can something so simple have escaped me for so long? You can mix them together with water to disinfect your kitchen and bathroom, etc. Try pouring 3 cups of white distilled vinegar in your toilet for an hour and then scrub and flush. It really makes a difference and we feel so much healthier. Instead of scrubbing mildew spray on your bathroom tiles, use simple baking soda, water, and toothbrush and scrub away without holding your breath. It's so easy and effective and actually cleaner looking. I had my girls take an old toothbrush while they were in the shower and scrub away too while splashing it clean! They loved it and it's not harmful and no harsh fumes to inhale, you can't say that for store bought cleaning products!

Want a window and glass cleaning solution that won't leave streaks? Try rubbing alcohol and water and wipe the streaks away with crinkled newspaper, trust me, this works!

Furniture polish? Lemon juice does the trick with maybe a little water.

Looking for a natural room deodorizer? Find a small decorative bowl and put baking soda and white vinegar into it and place up high. Odors naturally draw to the baking soda all the while deodorizing, so awesome! Want a fun scented smell? Sprinkle cinnamon into the mixture.

I have been having so much fun learning about natural household cleaning products! We definitely do feel healthier for it. The great thing about these homemade products is that they do disinfect and kill germs. No more harsh cleaning chemicals in our household!

Blessed to be a wife and mom!


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