Friday, February 22, 2013

Gearing Up For a New Look!


It's been a few months now that our homeschool blog went through an unexpected name change: Jewels in My Crown to Brandon M. Homeschool.  Why the change in name?  Well, Jewels in My Crown started out as reflecting all my sweet babies...3 girls and 1 boy.  I wanted something fresh, but I also wanted to include our precious son Brandon Michael into our homeschool even though he is now living in heaven with our Lord and Savior.  He passed away shortly after a full term birth in 2005.  Going on 8 years this summer, we still miss him greatly and wonder what kind of little boy he would be today.  I was inspired by a friend to name our homeschool in memory of him. 

Over the past few months, I have been playing around with fun seasonal and holiday templates by Lee Lou Blogs.  They have been awesome and adorable.  Since purchasing my own domain name and email, I am ready to give our homeschool a fresh and consistent look.  When our homeschool adventures come to an end in the year 2026, (yikes) or whenever the Lord has us end, (my goal is to graduate our sweet girls), I would like to turn our blog into a book full of wonderful memories. will do just that and I am so excited.  I don't have time to do scrapbooking so this will be perfect, providing this awesome service is still available.

My original plan for our homeschool blog was to keep it simple and use it for accountability purposes.  Since being introduced to so many opportunities through homeschooling, the Lord is leading me in another direction.  What a surprise! God is so awesome that way.  One of the things he has led me to do is reconnect with a wonderful blog designer.  Jenn, creator and designer for Munchkin Land Designs is so talented in what she does.  She originally designed my Michigan blog: Michigan Home Mommy Works.  I have been nothing but thrilled and have had amazing results since launching the blog.  I am now ready to take another step forward and work with her to design an awesome homeschool blog perfect for our family.   I just got done selecting my color schemes and font, I cannot wait to see what she creates.  This feels like Christmas to me, love it!

I am not sure how long this process will take for our homeschool blog, but I am eager and ready for a change.  Stay tuned.......

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend everyone!

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