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God's Great Covenant Review


As Christian homeschoolers, I am always searching for Bible curriculums that will not only teach a child about God's Word, but also edify and exhort on a daily basis.  Classical Academic Press has a Bible program that I found to be perfect for my homeschoolers.  We have been utilizing God's Great Covenant, Old Testament Book 1: Student Book, Teacher's Edition, and Audio Book Download.


The student book covers Genesis to Ruth.  The introduction's lesson theme is: God has a story.  It is also broken up into units with lesson themes and key events:

Unit 1: In the Beginning....God's Power (Genesis 1-11) Unit Theme: God is powerful.
  • Chapter 1: Creation of the World (Genesis 1)
  • Chapter 2: Creation of Man (Genesis 1-2)
  • Chapter 3: The Fall (Genesis 3)
  • Chapter 4: The Flood and the Tower (Genesis 4-11)
  • Chapter 5: Looking Backwards....Looking Ahead (Review)
Unit II: By the Patriarchs....God's Promises (Genesis 12-50) God makes promises.
  • Chapter 6: The Call of Abraham (Genesis 12-20)
  • Chapter 7: The Sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 21-25)
  • Chapter 8: Jacob-A Changed Man (Genesis 25-36)
  • Chapter 9:Joseph....The Dreamer (Genesis 37-41)
  • Chapter 10:Joseph-The Ruler (Genesis 41-50)
  • Chapter 11:Looking Backwards....Looking Ahead (Review)
Unit III: Out of Egypt....God's Redemption (Exodus 1-34)  Unit Theme: God Redeems his People
  • Chapter 12: Call of Moses (Exodus 1-4)
  • Chapter 13: The Ten Plagues (Exodus 4-12)
  • Chapter 14: The Exodus (Exodus 12-15)
  • Chapter 15:Provision in the Wilderness (Exodus 15-18)
  • Chapter 16: Giving of the Law (Exodus 19-31)
  • Chapter 17: Israel's Idolatry (Exodus 32-34)
  • Chapter 18: Looking Backwards....Looking Ahead (Review)
Unit IV: Through the Wilderness....God's Provision (Exodus-Deuteronomy) Unit Theme: God provides for His people.
  • Chapter 19: Building of the Tabernacle (Exodus-Leviticus)
  • Chapter 20: Departure from Mt. Sinai (Numbers 1-12)
  • Chapter 21: The Spies Explore Canaan (Numbers 13-14)
  • Chapter 22: Life in the Wilderness (Numbers 15-36)
  • Chapter 23: Preparation to Enter Canaan (Deuteronomy)
  • Chapter 24: Looking Backwards....Looking Ahead (Review)
Unit V: In the Promised Land....God's Faithfulness (Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Job) Unit Theme: God is faithful.
  • Chapter 25: Entering Canaan (Joshua 1-5)
  • Chapter 26: Conquest of Canaan (Joshua 6-24)
  • Chapter 27: The Judges (Judges)
  • Chapter 28: The Stories of Deborah and Gideon (Judges 4-9)
  • Chapter 29: The Story of Samson (Judges 13-16)
  • Chapter 30: The Story of Ruth (Ruth 1-4)
  • Chapter 31: The Story of Job (Job)
I love how there are review worksheets and chapter quizzes included after each chapter lesson.   We do the review pages and quizzes together vs separately.  It has been very effective.  As an adult, I am utilizing and learning new things as well.  There are also weekly Bible verses to learn as well that relate to each lesson.  The student book is designed for children at the third grade level, but personally, I feel like it is great for any grade and age.

The Student Book costs: $22.95

Each lesson was done during our Bible devotions time.  My goal is for Bible and prayer to be a way of life rather than just a subject, so this worked out perfectly for us.  We look forward to continuing to the end of the book and purchasing book 2.


The curriculum also includes a "Teacher's Edition."  It contains all the info from the student textbook, answer keys for the review pages and quizzes, and additional "factual information." Each chapter contains a "Notes" section for any additional information you as the teacher would like to include while teaching the unit chapters.

The Teacher's Edition costs: $24.95

Along with the student book and teacher's edition, we utilized the audio book download when we could.  It basically covers readings from the student textbook and is read by a Christopher Perrin.  It contains 27 stories from Genesis to Ruth.  It's awesome, because you can take this wherever you go.  The MP3 files can easily be used with music players such as iTunes, etc.  We used the audio book for a couple of the lessons.  I am hoping to use it more in the days ahead, especially on the go.  It's a great way to plant God's Word into their little hearts.  I am so excited about this.

The Audio Book costs: $9.95

It has been a joy using this Bible curriculum.  I will continue with it until the end with all my girls and move onto book 2.  Not only is this curriculum great for homeschool, I think it's beneficial for Sunday schools, Bible studies, etc.  As director of our children's Sunday school program, I would like to introduce this curriculum to our teachers.

Have you ever used this curriculum? What are your thoughts?  Feel free to check out Classical Academic Press's products.  Want to read other reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew?  Click here or click the banner below.

Many Blessings!


Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


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