Monday, March 4, 2013

PAWS for Reading: Meet Molly

This past Saturday, my girls enjoyed a very unique reading adventure: PAWS for Reading at our local library. 

What is PAWS for reading?  It's basically an extra special incentive to get children to read.  The dogs that participate in the program are trained through the TOUCH Program and selected by staff to be sure they are able to sit with the children without any worries of harm.

Lyssa (6) signed up to read to Molly the Sheep dog.  Molly was so sweet and cuddly and very responsive.  Lyssa picked her favorite books and read aloud.  Molly laid on a blanket (next to her trainer) while Lyssa sat in a bean bag style chair.  It was the cutest thing ever as we have never participated in this before.  There was a cancellation so Kelly was able to read to Molly as well.

Kelly (9.5) signed up for another dog at a future date named Billy so we will be participating in this program yet again.  I highly recommend it, especially if your child likes dogs.  My girls absolutely adore reading yet miss our family dog of 12 years, so this was very special to us.  We so wanted to bring Molly home with us.  I'm thinking I would like a Sheep dog now, haha.

Has your child ever participated in a program like this?  Did they enjoy it?  It's perfect for children who struggle with reading, but since my girls love reading, it was just a fun little one-on one event.

As you can see, Molly was an awesome dog.  We already miss her.


My Three Blessings

My Three Blessings
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