Thursday, March 28, 2013

American Girl History

Sweet Kelly girl (Turning 10 in May, oh my), is absolutely in love with anything American Girl.  She got her first doll last year for her birthday and the response was priceless!  Family went in on this gift together so it was perfect.

Last semester and this semester she has been enjoying American Girl history classes at Homeschool Connections; which covers each girl from their era: Josefina, Kirsten, etc.  It has been a blast getting all the book sets for her as she reads them like there is no tomorrow.  Her passion for reading is awesome so we have been making sure she includes the Bible in her reading times as well, this is so important.

Last week, upon entering our local library, there was a perfect American Girl History display with artifacts, props, etc.  So much fun.  My sweet girls drooled over the display as did mommy, hehe! 

American Girl History Display at our Local Library


  1. How fun! My daughter loves the American Girl books, so I try to use them to go along with our history lessons sometimes.

  2. The display looks really neat. My daughter is a little to young yet but I can't wait till she can get to an age to study them. Well ok I don't want to rush her. LOL


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