Saturday, July 13, 2013

Discounted Education Products

As a homeschooler, I am always researching products that are inexpensive or even free.  Because "FREE" isn't always feasible, it pays to look out for deals that could benefit your homeschool, especially ones that align with your family budget.
I recently stumbled across a pretty awesome site that I think you  may consider utilizing for your homeschool.  It's called; Educents!  Ever heard of it?  This site is pretty awesome in my opinion and I was excited to find some products that are slightly cheaper than other sites.  It keeps track of daily deals, so it pays to go on the website daily after you have created a free account.  Here is today's daily deals:
  • Math Bingo Game: $21
  • Intro to Architecture Course: $99
  • Math Fractions Playing Cards Set: $25
  • Parent Involvement Kits: $24.50
  • Garden Books and Playing Cards: $20
  • Human Body Systems eBook: PDF: Human Body Detectives: $2.99
  • Award Winning Learning DVD's: The Kiddly Company: $46.40
  • Travel Peel and Play Set: $15.00
  • Blanko Creativity Set: $25.50
  • 23 Back to School Products: $30
  • Get Ready for Pre-K-1st grade books: $22.57
  • Amazing Science Pack: $34.93
  • Going Green Science Bundle: $60

The unique thing about these specials is it shows you how many days until the special ends with the original price.  Every day may be different. Pretty cool!  I am actually excited about the Back to School Products.  Would you believe that the original price for this is: $153.75 and you can get it right now for $30?  This deal ends in 5 days!  What an awesome price!  It's ideal for Pre-K to 1st graders.  Since Bethany will be starting Pre-K this fall, this will be a great supplement for her.

Have you ever used a site like Educents?  What was your experience?  Would love to hear from you!


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