Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Utilizing the Visual Thesaurus

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Have you introduced your homeschool to the Thesaurus?  We just recently had a lesson using a Thesaurus along with our introduction to the Encyclopedia.

I am all about using traditional books as this is important, but it's nice to be able to utilize tools online as well.

I recently found the Virtual Thesaurus and thought I would share it with you.  You basically just type in a word to look it up and Presto!  The Visual Thesaurus allows you to discover connections between words with a visual display!

When you subscribe to the Visual Thesaurus, you also get access to their Spelling Bee, VocabGrabber, and Online Magazine.

I look forward to utilizing something such as this visual Thesaurus in our homeschool.  I am doing something different this year in our curriculum.  It ranges from online, to text, and Kindle.  This is an excellent tool, especially when on the go.

Visual Thesaurus will give you a 14 day trial to give it a shot.  After that it is $2.95 a month or $19.95 per year!  Not too shabby and is definitely worth it.

Would you utilize Visual Thesaurus for your homeschool?  Would love to read your thoughts.

MOMMY TIME: I just had my 4 year old try to say Thesaurus.  It was the funniest and cutest thing ever.  It came out as: Seth-ar-us.  Gotta love that.


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