Thursday, March 28, 2013

American Girl History

Sweet Kelly girl (Turning 10 in May, oh my), is absolutely in love with anything American Girl.  She got her first doll last year for her birthday and the response was priceless!  Family went in on this gift together so it was perfect.

Last semester and this semester she has been enjoying American Girl history classes at Homeschool Connections; which covers each girl from their era: Josefina, Kirsten, etc.  It has been a blast getting all the book sets for her as she reads them like there is no tomorrow.  Her passion for reading is awesome so we have been making sure she includes the Bible in her reading times as well, this is so important.

Last week, upon entering our local library, there was a perfect American Girl History display with artifacts, props, etc.  So much fun.  My sweet girls drooled over the display as did mommy, hehe! 

American Girl History Display at our Local Library

Monday, March 25, 2013

From Homeschool to Preschool

Last week,  I attempted to register my sweet Bethany for a private preschool program local to us for the 2013-2014 school year.  The times and dates that I wanted was Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. This was going to allow me the flexibility to stay in the church building to homeschool Kelly and Lyssa.  No time wasted!  Seemed like the perfect solution.  Let me back up a little bit to share with you why I have decided to send my little one to preschool.

It's easy, she's a busy bee and needs way more than I can give her in her preschool years at this point.  Let's face it, preschoolers naturally need socialization and endless hands on activities.  As an early childhood educator myself, I understand this need and do not want her to get short changed at this point in time.  After preschool is when I will pull her back into the homeschooling environment completely.  By then she will be able to participate in other homeschooling opportunities available to her.
I prayed and prayed about what to do with her and for her.  Kelly went to two preschools, one private when she was 3 (she was actually in my classroom) and a public preschool when she was 4.  All was well.  Lyssa did fine with me at home.  This was God directed as I was about to send her to the 4 year old preschool that Kelly was originally apart of.  God said clearly in my heart and mind: "I want you to homeschool her for preschool."  This was the day before the open house.  Mind you, I already submitted all of her required paper work.  Wow, homeschool my preschooler?  What?  Again, as a preschool teacher I thought this was crazy, but I had to be obedient to the call.  Later in the year is when He spoke to me that I would be homeschooling Kelly after the year was up.

Now that our sweet baby surprise is of preschool age, she is a handful and needs way more attention then I can give her.  It's tough.  So it was just a few weeks ago as I was heading out from a homeschool event, I felt led to go to the preschool counter and ask questions about the program.  I looked it over then dismissed it.  Spend money for preschool? Why?  It tugged at me all week. The Lord put it in my heart to pursue it. I spoke to hubby and he was supportive and said that we need to do what the Lord is leading and what is best for her and me.  So, (back to present day) I went to register her last week and BOOM the times and days I wanted for her were completely filled though I was the very first placed on the waiting list.  Lord?  "I know you led me to this, something has to come of it."  Leaving a little on the discouraged side, I gave it to God and prayed: Lord, if she is supposed to be there, you will release a spot even if it is last second in the fall."  I felt prompted to start searching around for other private programs that could accommodate our homeschooling  schedule.  A few did come up, but I didn't feel the tug.  I prayed every day since last Wednesday that something would unfold.  My mom and dear family friend even prayed with me this past Saturday that a spot would open up.  I prayed it one more time today.  I prayed the Lord would release it and let it go after that.

As I was sitting here doing some work, our main phone line rang.  I didn't think anything of it as we usually just have people use our cell phones etc.  I heard in a distance a faint voice leaving a message.  The Lord said to get up and go listen!  It was the assistant director of the program saying a spot has opened up for our sweet Bethany!  Praise the Lord!!!!!  I am beyond thrilled for her and myself as a homeschooler.  This will give me more alone time to focus on my other two, while she is getting what she needs in preschool 2 mornings a week, and we get to stay!  God is so awesome.  I feel so blessed.  I am humbled and thankful that I do hear from Him.

So, tomorrow morning, off we go to pay the registration fee and and do the paperwork.  I am so relieved and so HAPPY!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Disney on Ice and Pompon Adventures!

This past weekend was loaded with fun activities and events.  I think I am officially exhausted as of's only Monday! Haha!

Friday morning, March 15, 2013, I took my sweet girls to Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream at the Palace of Auburn Hills, MI.  I called it our mini home school field trip, thanks to a dear friend over at Homeschooling in Detroit who happened to provide us with the tickets to attend.  I think I was more excited than my girls were.  We went to a matinee performance at 11:00 am.  It was a full show, but we had awesome seats and made it all worth it.  Oh! It was great too because it was a homeschooler's event which meant we got to bring our own lunches.  Perfect!

I splurged and purchased souvenirs and goodies and tried taking lots of pictures.  Some didn't turn out quite well because of the variety of lighting, it was hard to plan a decent shot.  Oh well!

After the show ended, we high tailed it back home (50 minute drive or so) and rested a little bit.  We then got ready to take two of three to dance class.  After dance, we headed over to our church praise and prayer event and didn't get home until close to midnight.  Pheww!  Surprisingly the girls were wide awake and still full of life yet.... slap happy, haha!  They did crash in the car; however. zzzzzz!

That Saturday morning we slept in slightly then I had to get Kelly ready for her Pompon clinic that we signed up for back in January.  She was so tired and kind of dreaded the whole thing, but I reminded her it was only 2.5 hours and we could go home right afterwards.  Well, she ended up enjoying the Pompon clinic and did an awesome job at her end-of-session performance.  She was so thrilled!

After the rush of the Pompon clinic, we went shopping for two hours for spring clothes.  Yeah, crazy mom! lol  She was eager for clothes though.  Got some awesome deals and then headed home for a fun dinner with daddy.  Sunday morning was church and now it's Monday.  I. Am. Tired.!

This week is a pretty busy one too.  I will post about that next week.  Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

Monday, March 11, 2013

READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System Review

 photo henry_logo_zpsb48ee4fe.png
My first grader thankfully, adores reading yet I would like to keep it that way.  As she learns bigger vocabulary words, etc., I have noticed that she is getting slightly frustrated and has been speeding through her reading materials and not taking the time like she used to.  I was so excited to have learned about what EGM Educational Systems, LLC has to offer early readers.  We are currently utilizing the Reads Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System.  It has been a great experience for both of us.  She is encouraged to read better with greater willingness to communicate her understanding of the topic.
 photo reads_zps822bc9d5.jpg

Here are some more details regarding the READS program as seen on the website:
  • Designed for elementary grades 1-4
  • Effective for readers below or at grade level
  • Conforms to Common Core States Standards
  • Improve children's ability to express themselves verbally by promoting conversations between parent and child.
  • Works with any reading material
  • Provides an easy method to verify comprehension
  • Helps develop critical thinking skills
  • Makes reading homework fun and rewarding for both parent and child.
Here is what the READS program contains:
  • 30 Question Cards
  • READS Parent's Manual
  • Rewards Chart
  • Stickers
  • Magic Finger
  • Reading Guide Strip
  • Speedy Speller
  • Reusable Storage Pouch
She really enjoyed the magic finger and the reading guide strip.  We also use the reading guide strip for Bible reading which is very helpful to her since text can be smaller print.  The magic finger helps a child track the text word for word while the reading guide strip highlights a line to keep them focused on what is being read! Such an awesome concept.  Rewarding her with stickers for the sticker chart is also a very nice incentive.  She made sure not to miss a day, love it!

We basically used the READS program every chance we got with her reading materials.   She is now into mini chapter books, so I took that as an opportunity to use the question cards.  She really enjoys talking about topics.  She is so eager to whip out the program.  So happy for her.

The READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System can be purchased for $19.95.  It all comes contained in a pouch to keep the materials together.  No worries of losing anything, providing you put everything back into the pouch.

We look forward to continuing with the READS program.  I anticipate that I will be using it with my preschooler when she hits first grade.

Have you ever used this program with your child?

Fee free to check out EGM Educational Systems, LLC products here.  Click here to read more reviews on the READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System or click the banner below.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Free Homeschool Tips from H.O.P.E Home School Consulting

Are you thinking about homeschooling?  Maybe you are new to homeschooling and need some guidance.  This was definitely me last year as it was our first year.  I was so happy to find an online resource such as H.O.P.E Homeschool Consulting.
Owner and creator Angie McFarren, is here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding homeschooling your children and being a homeschool family as a whole.
Angie desires to reach out to you because she has been in that place before as well.  You can take advantage of a variety of options on the site, but you can also take advantage of her free page, here!
Here is a list of resources you can see on the free page:
and more!

Monday, March 4, 2013

PAWS for Reading: Meet Molly

This past Saturday, my girls enjoyed a very unique reading adventure: PAWS for Reading at our local library. 

What is PAWS for reading?  It's basically an extra special incentive to get children to read.  The dogs that participate in the program are trained through the TOUCH Program and selected by staff to be sure they are able to sit with the children without any worries of harm.

Lyssa (6) signed up to read to Molly the Sheep dog.  Molly was so sweet and cuddly and very responsive.  Lyssa picked her favorite books and read aloud.  Molly laid on a blanket (next to her trainer) while Lyssa sat in a bean bag style chair.  It was the cutest thing ever as we have never participated in this before.  There was a cancellation so Kelly was able to read to Molly as well.

Kelly (9.5) signed up for another dog at a future date named Billy so we will be participating in this program yet again.  I highly recommend it, especially if your child likes dogs.  My girls absolutely adore reading yet miss our family dog of 12 years, so this was very special to us.  We so wanted to bring Molly home with us.  I'm thinking I would like a Sheep dog now, haha.

Has your child ever participated in a program like this?  Did they enjoy it?  It's perfect for children who struggle with reading, but since my girls love reading, it was just a fun little one-on one event.

As you can see, Molly was an awesome dog.  We already miss her.

My Three Blessings

My Three Blessings
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