Friday, February 10, 2012

Creative Valentine's Day Box Expressions

Today, the girls entered their Valentine's Day creations into a contest at Palaestra.  (Palaestra is a program for homeschoolers offering a variety of courses in our State.)

All the children were to create Valentine's Day boxes for their traditional Valentine cards and candy exchanges.  The boxes with the most creative would win a special prize.  We all were informed of this contest.  Seasoned families that have been there for years started their boxes as early as after Christmas.  Well, since we are kind of new to Palaestra, we are learning about all of their fun activities, events, and contests that are available.  Time kind of got away from us (well, yeah I forgot oops, super busy ugh) and my girls decided they would put their boxes together the day before.  I told them "good for you, but to be prepared that there would be many boxes with magnificent designs due to the extra time that they used to create them."  They were fine with this as all they cared about was getting goodies from their friends, haha!  Makes sense.  Such good little sports.

Well, in the end the most amazing Valentine's Day box expressions received special prizes such as Valentine's Bears and candy.  There must have been 40+ boxes total.  Other boxes received special little awards such as "Very Unique" or "Very Colorful."  Kelly (8.5) received a little award on her box that read "Very Funny" and Lyssa (5) received one that said "Imaginative."  They were very proud of those but then were anxious to get home and tear into the boxes to see all the cards and goodies their friends placed into them.  My goodness, the boxes were full.

I love helping spark creativity in my girls. It is such a joy to see what comes out of them once their little creative juices get flowing.

Have a blessed weekend!

Blessed to be a wife and mom


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