Friday, March 2, 2012

Be gone sickies!

Poor hubby got the case of the sickies this week.  Strep throat, sinus infection, fever, ugh!  Not a fun thing.  Poor guy has been miserable and this mom and wife is praying for quick recovery.  Kelly Belly got hit with a fever and a cough poor girl.  These sickies have got to go and the only way they can or will for that matter is to pray them out and of course disinfect.  Yeah, I have been disinfecting like crazy but it feels good to be rid of those lingering germs.

Lyssa, Bethany, and myself have had no symptoms other than a few sniffles here and there but we are hanging strong taking care of daddy and Kelly.  It's such a pathetic sight seeing those two sacked out in the living room but it's also so stinkin' cute.  I would take a picture but I don't know if they would be too happy about that. I know I would have a fit if someone posted a picture of me when I'm sick, haha!

Anyways, because of the sickies, our homeschool week kind of got thrown off.  I cannot stand it when routines and schedules get out of whack but I have learned very quickly with kids, you just gotta let it go.  It's life so move on lady, (talking to myself lol)

If you and your family are currently struggling with the sickies, let's pray this prayer together:

"Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you that you love us and that you made us.  Because you made us we believe you can rid us of these nasty sickies, they don't have to take residence in our homes and bodies so we say BE GONE sickies in Jesus name.  We thank you for health, strength, and peace.  We love you Father and ask that you give us joy through our recovery.  We love you Lord, in Jesus name, Amen!"

Blessed to be a wife and mom

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