Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Unit Studies and Lapbooks

Thanksgiving Lapbook - EBOOK - Click Image to Close

We started our Thanksgiving Unit Study and Lapbook this past Monday.  I am liking the idea of combining ages with these studies.  It is helping me break away from rigid lesson plans and curriculums'.  If you have been following my blog, you know that I was struggling with my current method of learning.  A Beka just isn't working for us anymore.  Being a former teacher in a brick and mortar setting, I have had to learn how to break away from my strict lesson plans and just be flexible.  It most definitely has been a learning experience for me, and not a fun one I might add.

Check out this Thanksgiving Lapbook by Knowledge Box Central.

I have decided to use A Beka as a supplement here and there, but will now be sticking with unit studies and lapbooks until next year.  I am super excited about Christmas as we will just be focusing on all things Christmas.  From unit studies to crafts and recipes, it should be an exciting time of learning for all three girls.

What are you doing with your children?  I love learning about everyone's experiences and jotting down ideas.  I understand that all homeschooling families are unique and not one is alike, but I am open to trying anything that will benefit my girls in their homeschool learning.

I am so thankful to a new homeschooling friend who just today lent me her book about Charlotte Mason and the methods, etc.  I am pretty pumped to be filling my brain with new ideas to get our homeschool to where it should be.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!



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