Monday, April 15, 2013

Michigan Map Magazine and Paint Collage


For the past couple of months we have been doing Michigan History.  Some of this learning has been experienced up north, which is always a blast.

We wrapped up our unit with a map of Michigan.  We simply used a Styrofoam board as the base.  I drew the outline of the state with surrounding lakes.  The girls went to town searching for  Michigan related photos to place on the mitten as well as the upper peninsula.  It was a blast, the girls truly enjoyed their creation.

We finally finished it and posted a couple pics onto Pure Michigan's Facebook page.  The girls were beyond excited to do this.  A few people have noticed and "liked" the photos already.  Proud little girls and proud mama!

Because of the devastating explosion at the Boston Marathon, my mind and heart is truly not into posting today.  So, with that said, this post is cut short to remember and pray for all of those suffering and traumatized by this tragic event.  We need to really take the time to pray for our country.  Oh Lord, please come quickly!!!


  1. Very cool project - and congrats on having it noticed on the FB page! I love the idea - could do it for any state or country study, I guess.

  2. Great idea!!!! Love it. The girls (and mommy too) did a wonderful job.



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