Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Learning Adventures.....

I am so happy the weather is cooperating and becoming warmer....Yay!  With sun and warmth comes joy and laughter in our homeschool.  Those winter blues were really causing some moods that I was ready to chuck out the window....pheww!

Last week as we were headed indoors to homeschool at my parent's home in the country, we discovered an old cocoon right in the bushes.  It looks like it may have been messed with as it was very noticeable to many of the birds out there.  The side was slightly torn.  The girls were pretty excited to examine it.  A natural learning experience right there.  Those are the best kind, love it!

The other day we whipped out our grill and hubby threw some hot dogs on.  We decided to let the girls shuck the corn to speed things along.  They loved it!  3 extra pair of hands is always nice.  They took time out from "chalk the walk" as you can see on the driveway, and gymnastics fun as you can see from the mat.  Very eclectic things going on all around them, the best kind of homeschooling. ;)

We took a mini field trip to the Exploration Station in Canton with a few other homeschooling friends.  It was quite impressive as you can see in the pics below.  Children could walk, climb, and slide through a variety of demonstrations, pretty cool. It was located in the basement of St. Joseph Health system off Canton Center Road in Canton.  They open this up once a month for only $1 per child and $2 per adult.  Perfect!  We can't wait to return to do some extra learning.

Inside heart and lungs!



  1. That museum looks like so much fun!

  2. The musuem looks like it was a lot of fun. The cocoon was a neat find as well. We took a walk today as it was almost 50. Gorgeous outside. I am really glad spring is coming. I am looking forward to nature hikes with the kids.


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