Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Fun and Memories

The month of May is a fun time for our family.   I am not just talking about end of year events like choir, gymnastics, dance, piano, etc., Check out our line up:

May 2nd: Kelly's 10th Birthday
May 12th: A Family Friend's Birthday and Mother's Day
May 13th: Bethany's 4th Birthday
May 15th:  Mine and hubby's Wedding Anniversary (We celebrated 14 years, whoot)

And many more. My sister-in-law's birthday is the end of the month as well. May most definitely is a money sucking month, haha, but we have learned to really get creative and start making our gifts.  Not only does it cut down on cost, it's something that is considered valuable and can be cherished for a lifetime.  Take these "Grandmother's Day" flower pots we decorated.  We know that they are missing their mothers (Our grandmothers) so we made a little something extra just for them as you can see in the pics below. 

They call my mom "Geegum" and my hubby's mom "Mema."  So cute and sweet.  Talk about blinging out the flower pots, haha!  Hopefully they cherish these forever.

Mother's Day was very sweet on my end.  The girls made me adorable crafts.  I forgot to take bad, lol If I remember, key word being "If" I will post those as they are so adorable.  It was a blessing to be honored on Mother's Day.  I wore my "Brandon" necklace in memory of him as I will never forget that I am a mother to a precious son in heaven.

For our anniversary, my hubby brought me home some pretty amazing roses. Amazing meaning that the aroma coming from them was so sweet and beautiful.  I don't think I have ever had roses that smelled as sweet as these.  They almost smelled like candy, not kidding!  Of course it's my opinion, haha. 

A close and dear friend of mine runs a home cake business called; Custom Cakes by Kimi!  She is so talented and the cakes are phenomenal not only in appearance, but in taste as well.  She surprised us with a Vanilla Bean Cake (Laced with Strawberries) yesterday.  So beautiful, I didn't want to cut it.  I was going to post a picture that I had taken and posted on Facebook, but for some reason the photo has disappeared.  Not sure how that happened.  Oh well!

My parents have offered to take our sweet girls for a full weekend (2 nights) so that we can have an anniversary getaway.  That is going to be so wonderful.  Pretty pumped about that!

I think that's about it.  We are winding down now with our homeschooling adventures and end of year activities.  Lyssa just has her first homeschool concert.  It was so cute!  Next, we are gearing up for Kelly's Gymfest for Gymnastics, then dance and piano. I will be ready for a nice long break, haha.

I am starting to plan our summer homeschool adventures, will keep you posted on that. 

Many blessings!


  1. Those pots are too cute!
    Hope you have a great anniversary getaway!!! We still plan to take one someday.........I keep hoping!

  2. The pots are adorable! Happy Anniversary! We are homeschooling through the summer as we were sick a lot during this year and some unexpected things came up so we missed a few days. I plan to go a little lighter in summer though and designate Fridays for Field Trips during summer to the state parks and go hiking as well.


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