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Spanish For You Crew Review: Estaciones

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Since our family culture on my mother's side is Spanish-Mexican, I have always wanted to learn Spanish (Espanol).  I took two years in high school and have been rusty ever since. I remember my sweet grandma tutoring me in the language and have always been intrigued.  Rest in Peace, grandma Dolores.  We miss you!  I am excited to teach my girls the language all the while brushing up on it myself.  Spanish For You is our recent learning adventure with the language.

Spanish For You is an affordable Spanish Curriculum for grades 3-8.  We recently utilized Estaciones (Seasons) 3rd-4th grade.  Here is what I received for this review:

  • Soft Cover Book
  • 24-30 Week Lesson Guides (PDF Downloads)
  • MP3 Audio Download for the Book
  • MP3 Audio Download with Native Speaker
  • Worksheets
  • Flashcard Pictures
Everything was easy to download.  All the downloadable items came through email and were pretty quick and easy to install onto my desktop.

Kelly and I spent a lot of time with the flashcards and book getting to know commands, etc.  Here is what we have covered so far:
  • El alfabeto (The Alphabet)
  • Common Words and Phrases: si, no, hola, adios, por favor, gracias, de nada, lo siento, etc.
  • Mandatos (Commands) 
  • Los meses (The Months)
  • Los dias (The Days)
  • El tiempo (The Weather)
In the lesson 1 worksheet (Leccion 1)  Kelly copied each sentence such as Hoy es martes and then would write it in English.  In this case the translation is "Today is Tuesday."

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She is comprehending pretty well.  So far the audios are not working the best with her as she is all visual.  I am hoping to use the audios after we master everything in lesson 1.  I cut out and created flashcards.  This seems to be helping a great deal.  Playing games such as: Memory, Listen and Draw, etc., is helping her comprehend the words and sentences.  Surprisingly she is understanding conjugation.  This is where Spanish verbs must be changed to fit who we are talking to or about.  For example:
  • Miro=I look at
  • miras= you look at
  • mira= he, she, you (formal) look at
  • miramos= we look at
  • mirais= you all look at (Spain only)
  • miran= they, you all look at
I remember disliking Conjuguemos! Haha!

I plan on continuing with the curriculum until the end of the lessons.  We are taking our time to make sure we understand the language without breezing past.  We ended up doing Spanish For You 3-4 days a week for about 30-60 minutes each.  We are continuing into the summer.  Our goal is to complete it by September and move on to the next grade level.

How much does this package cost?  Theme sets that contain materials for all grade levels is $64.95.  If you just want specific grade level, it is $39.95.  For extra books etc., it is $12.95 each.  If interested in learning more about the materials or purchasing them, click here.

I think that this Spanish Curriculum is excellent.  It is very orderly and non-confusing.  The soft cover book appears to be thin, but it is full of everything you need to know when learning the seasons.  Perfect! I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning Spanish.  Spanish For You is most definitely, for you!

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