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See The Light Dreams of Joseph Art Review (Review Crew)

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If you are looking for a biblically based art curriculum, you most definitely want to check out See the Light: Drawing Children to Him.  I jumped on board this opportunity as the lessons are all through DVD.  As long as you have all the supplies needed, you are good to go.
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I chose for Kelly (10) to do the art lesson on Dreams of Joseph.  I was beyond impressed on how all of this was laid out.  Before I go into more detail about her art lesson, I would like to talk about See the Light briefly.

All See the Light lessons are featured with master artist Pat Knepley.  They offer a variety of lessons in specific categories:
If you click each link above, you will see all of the different types of lessons available.  Pretty awesome. 

Part 1 of Lesson

Kelly and I chose to review a lesson from Art Projects: Dreams of Joseph in the style of Marc Chagall.  This particular lesson is for ages 10+.  It's broken up into 4 parts so that you don't get lost and can pause or rewind if needed.  The 4 parts are as follows:
  • Outline Key Elements in Black
  • Paint the Background
  • Paint Joseph's Colorful Robe
  • Finish your Painting with Joseph's Dream Details
Part 2 of Lesson

Here are the materials we needed for this See the Light art lesson:
  • A "12x16" sheet of white or manila Bristol board or poster board
  • Craft or Tempura paint: White, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Violet, Black, and Brown
  • Wax coated white paper plates
  • Variety of different sizes of paintbrushes
  • Tablecloth or newspapers to protect the surface you are using
  • Bowl of water or a sink within reach
  • Paper Towels
  • #2 Pencil
  • White or Gray Kneaded Eraser
Part 3 of Lesson

I love how master artist Pat Knepley actually takes the time to discuss why they are painting the particular piece.  She also reads Bible scriptures to back it all up. So great! Kelly actually really enjoyed this part of it as well.  She was more than anxious to get started on this particular See the Light art lesson as she loves drawing.

Pat takes the kids step by step on how to mix proper colors, etc., to achieve the proper outcome for the painting.  As you can see, Kelly did pretty amazing with hers from beginning to end.  She got frustrated with color mixing the greens at one point as at first her shade of green didn't turn out the way Pat's did.  The great thing about painting is you can just paint right over it. So she backed up that part of the lesson a little bit and started over that process until she achieved the proper shade. Kelly wanted it to be perfect, so I just rolled with it. LOL!

Part 4 of Lesson

When she finally made it to the end of the lesson, the end result was absolutely beautiful.  For painting the robe, Pat allows the children to use the colors however they wish to make it unique.  Not everyone's robe should look exactly alike.  A child's perception!  Gotta love that.

I honestly love See the Light and highly recommend it for homeschooling art lessons or even just for fun.  My 6.5 year old is wanting to do a lesson.  I will most definitely be purchasing more lessons in the future. 

How much does one art lesson cost? You can purchase Dreams of Joseph for $14.99.

Finished Product!

I was always curious how we could achieve art in the home, and these DVD lessons are perfect! I think that your child would like it too.  The face of accomplishment is priceless!  Kelly was so proud of her masterpiece!

Have you ever heard of See the Light?  Maybe this has sparked your interest?  Would love to hear from you.

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  1. she did great! What a beautiful piece of art! We really enjoyed this review too.


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