Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Homeschool Planning

I can't believe May is winding down already.  We are slowly fizzling out of all of our activities and I am so ready for our summer schedule.

We do homeschooling in the summer just not as extensive.  More unit studies, lapbooks, and library visits.  We keep up on important subjects such as: Math, Writing, Reading, Language, etc.  Will we homeschool every single day?  No.  Probably will do the 3 day a week thing with occasional field trips, etc.

I am also trying to incorporate summer fun into the mix with waterpark ideas, a possible trip to Cedar Point, the beach, etc.  Gotta be traditional when it comes to "Summer Vacation." Haha!

On top of summer homeschool planning, I am slowly starting to plan out our next year.  I may be changing gears from curriculum.  The past two years I have done A Beka.  I love the curriculum, but it doesn't feel flexible enough for me to actually feel like we are homeschoolers.  Since I am a teacher trying to break away from rigid routines, I feel it's best to steer away for the time being.  I will; however, will be sticking with A Beka Math!  Love it!

I am planning on some sort of literary curriculum as the girls love reading and actually go through books from the library as if they were water.  I am trying to weigh my options along with comparing their interests, etc.  I am thankfully becoming more confident in our homeschooling adventures and ready to spread my wings a little bit more in some areas.

What are your plans for homeschooling in the summer?  Do you actually take the whole summer off or do you do some sort of summer enrichment to keep those brains sharp? 

Sorry so short and sweet today.  I'm a little behind on some work (life a mom, haha).  Have a blessed day!


  1. We usually do some things over the summer as well. We do some math and reading and then add in fun extra things like unit studies, language, logic, or computer learning. We also do lots and lots of swimming and trips to Sea World.
    This year I might do a crazy thing and start back to school in July so we can take more time off in late fall or in winter when the weather is actually bearable here and not 110 degrees. So, that's my crazy idea for next year!

  2. We are going to do about 3 - 4 days a week of school. Like you it won't be extensive. We will be doing lapbooks and unit studies I think. I am also going to create some stuff to use during summer for both the kids. I haven't been to Ceder Point in a while. Very fun place.

  3. We actually homeschool all year long. Part of the reason for this is that the one summer we actually took off of school required months to review and gain back the information we lost due to "summer brain drain". Another reason we homeschool all summer is that we like to take a long break at Christmas, and in the spring and fall when the weather is beautiful. The third reason is that my daughter is in a lot of activities from co-op classes, riding lessons, choir, handbells, etc during the traditional school year. These things eat into "real" school time like math and language arts. Because some of these things go away during the summer we get to concentrate on the basic stuff. Before this sounds like I never let up on her, I need to add that we do some fun things during the summer like extra science experiments and field trips and outings as they come up. I also let her play a lot of educational games that count as school. Her favorite right now is QWERTY Warriors at QWERTY is a keyboarding game that allows her to improve speed and accuracy and is a lot of fun! Thanks for letting me share!

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